The World’s Greatest Sleeper Hot Rods

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We’ve all had that conversation with friends over beers about what we would build if we were to make the perfect “sleeper” car. What crazy engine we’d stuff into an unassuming shell. These are the hot-rodders who brought those conversations to life, and we love them for it.
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Twin Turbo 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

What looks like a basic 307 Malibu is actually a 6.0L V8, twin-turbo 600 horsepower beast. This is not your grandma’s Malibu.
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2JZ Volvo 245 Wagon, AKA “Brick-Shaped Supra”

Sweden’s Peter Björck is the man responsible for this car. Björck is well known for countless 1000 horsepower Toyota Supras, so I guess he thought it would just be fun to put that same power plant into a seemingly harmless Volvo Wagon.
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Paul Newman’s V8-powered VW Beatle Convertible

Two words not normally associated with speed are “Beatle” and “Convertible”. Famed actor and racer Paul Newman had other ideas, however. He dropped a Holman-Moody Ford Racing V8 (which made the kind of horsepower normally reserved for GT40 race cars) into his classic VW Beatle Convertible.
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1300 horsepower 1988 Chevrolet Sprint

402ci V8. twin-turbo. 1,300 horsepower. Owned by Bob Bradfield from Charlotte, North Carolina, this has to be one of the most unexpected sleepers of all time. This is a grocery getter to challenge a Bugatti with.
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Ron Lych’s big-block powered1965 Chevrolet Bel Air

By now, you might be getting the formula for sleeper. Buy a car that looks like it might be your grandmother’s, and then stuff the most powerful engine possible into it. That rings true for Ron Lych’s 500 horsepower, 502ci powered Bel Air, which looks about as unassuming as possible.
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Zero Fucks Mazda RX-7

What looks like absolute junk is actually hot-rodding personified. Paid for pizza money, worked on in a parent’s drive way and powered by a Ford 5.0L V8, there’s nothing about the Zero Fucks RX-7 that won’t make you smile.
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“Sucker’s Bet” 1972 Chevrolet Nova

That’s real rust on the body. It always that crappy shade of green. All the dings, dents and scratches are fully intact. It’s also got a twin turbo powered LSA motor that makes 1,160 horsepower. It may just be the perfect sleeper.
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