Top 5 NASCAR All Time Greats!

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They are some of Nascar’s most popular and beloved stars. With impressive wins and storied careers. Here are our Top 5 Nascar All-Time Greats!
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Dale Earnhardt

7 Championships, 26 wins. The man known as “The Intimidator” was of the best the world has ever seen. He was still on the top of game before his untimely death.
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Jimmie Johnson

Some day Jimmie is the best ever, but since his rookie year in 2002, Johnson as of 2016 has had over 77 wins and three championships.
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Richard Petty

Before retiring in 1992. “The King” won 7 Championships and 200 wins.
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Jeff Gordon

When he retired in 2015, Gordon left with 93 wins and Four Titles. He currently can be seen as an announcer for Fox Nascar.
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David Pearson

With 3 Champions over a 105 wins, “The Silver Fox” was known for his finese, style and charm. At 81, he is still one of the Nascar’s most beloved stars.
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