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E-rated tires are designed to meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for speed and traction, including those for acceleration, cornering, braking, steering and hydroplaning. They also meet the requirements of the tire industry’s own set of performance standards called ECE R-106.

This means that e-rated tires are engineered to deliver maximum traction on dry roads at all speeds. They do this by providing more traction than their other classes by delivering more resistance to wheel slip when compared with other classes. E-rated tires can be used in any weather condition, including wet weather conditions such as snow or rain.

The ratings available at for E-rated tires include:

M+S – This tire is designed for use on a vehicle that has an automatic transmission or four-wheel drive. It’s designed for use on all weather conditions, including snow and ice.

S3 – This tire is intended for use on a vehicle with a manual transmission or two-wheel drive. It’s also designed for use in all weather conditions — including snow and ice — but it may not perform quite as well as M+S tires when it comes to wet traction.

M2 – This is a highway touring tire that combines excellent all-season performance with optimal ride comfortability and handling abilities.

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Are E-Rated Tires Good For Off-Road?

The answer is yes and no. The reason being is that most off-road tires are rated by their minimum load index (MLI) which means they are suitable for the use of heavy duty trucks but not so much for other light duty vehicles like cars. Even if you have a car that has an MLI rating above 70, it still does not mean you can use it with an e-rated tire.

If your car’s rating is below 60, then yes it will still work fine with an e-rated tire as long as it has the proper lug pattern and rim widths.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of tires to choose from and everyone out there is trying to get your business. With E Rated Tires you will be able to determine the environmental impact of your tire purchase. Prices follow the usual tire sales tax and shipping prices. They have a very large selection with affordable pricing (about $7 for a 16-inch). Their site is easy to navigate. Just search by tire size or brand and make a selection. Shipping is fast and purchase is secure. Get detailed information about the role of tires in the comfortability and stability of your vehicle, on this website:

To learn more on how wheels can help you drive efficiently, please see the information below.

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