A Basic Guide to Vehicle Servicing

Every motor vehicle must be serviced regularly in order for it to perform as it should, and the frequency of the service intervals would be stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer. On average, a car should be serviced every 5-8,000 miles, and this service would include the following:

  • Engine Oil Replacement– The engine oil is essential to lubricate the moving parts of the engine, and after about 10,000 miles, the essential properties of the engine oil begin to break down. The oil filter is also replaced, which captures tiny slivers of metal that are created during the engine running.
  • Belt Tension– There are many belts that drive engine components, and they must be checked for tension and general wear and tear. If you are looking for a garage to service your car, there is reliable car servicing in Bath from an established garage.
  • Air Filter Replacement– The air filter maintains the integrity of the internal combustion engine by keeping our dust and foreign bodies, and some cars require a replacement air filter, while others can reuse air filters after cleaning.
  • Critical Components– Things like brake pads, water pump, alternator and other essential components need to be inspected and if worn, replaced.
  • Engine Coolant– Engine coolant is critical, and levels should be checked and topped up if necessary. In cold climates such as those like the UK, anti-freeze must be mixed with water to prevent the engine coolant from freezing.

The car manufacturer stipulates the frequency of the servicing, as well as what is done during each service, and by adhering to the maker’s instructions, the vehicle should perform as it was designed to.

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