Adventuring Around The World By Motorcycle – Road Trip

Almost everything we haven’t done yet seems difficult for us. Uncertainty, stress, thousands of unanswered questions – the thought of going on your first motorcycle trip gives many of us a headache. Meanwhile, it is easy, great fun, and it does not require as much preparation as you might think!

How to prepare for the trip?

If you are not going to a country with hostilities, high risk of a terrorist attack, or not covered by the Vienna Convention – such a trip is not much different from a trip to the seaside.

But that does not mean that you should not think about your safety and your health at all.

Here are some top tips:

  1. Do not overdo your preparations.
  2. Take a basic set of clothes with you – three changes of underwear, pants, a warm sweatshirt, shoes will be enough.
  3. Pack motorcycle accessories for example: thermoactive underwear.
  4. Girls – you can take a dress and flip-flops. You do not need more, it’s not a beauty contest, underwear can be washed on the go.

Is there a perfect bike for a trip?

What kind of motorcycle we ride or like to ride is a very individual matter, but it is true that some are suitable for long-distance journeys, and others – a little less. And it’s not that you can not travel with every motorbike, because you definitely can!

There are many examples of disprove the theory of how a given motorcycle is intended only for riding in a specific terrain or on a specific surface. You can cover the gravel roads in Alaska with a sports motorcycle, the desert, and sand in Botswana with a heavy road motorcycle, you can also travel long miles on a scooter or a 50cc motorcycle. Everything depends on us.

Depending on what motorcycle we choose – the comfort of riding and the time in which we do it will change. We have a wide range of motorcycles on the market, which depending on the preferences, will satisfy every picky customer. Therefore, the choice of the motorcycle itself, type, brand, and model as well as version, capacity, and colour is left to individual tastes.

If you are worried that your motorcycle will not cope with the expedition, sell it! There are companies with slogan “we buy any bike” that buy bikes – thanks to this you will be able to finance a new one.

The views are not everything – How to prepare a motorcycle

What is worth taking care of, however, is the perfect technical condition of the motorcycle, good assistance, a tire stud kit, cable ties, repair tape and travel insurance.

It is worth realizing that almost all over the world there are mechanics, roadside assistance and good people. If you are going to Croatia, Spain or Georgia, do not be afraid that you will be left without help. Of course, expeditions to more secluded parts of the world will require more solid preparations.

Don’t forget to take – may be useful:

– GPS navigation,

– GPS locator,

– sports camera,

– handles for cameras, phones,
– certified motorcycle jeans

– at this point you can probably add points indefinitely…

More tips on bike journey?

You can find more tips on bike journeys and car tips as well on and as well.

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