All you Need to Know About Your Car Transmission Maintenance

It is the transmission that relays the power to the respective wheels that are configured in every vehicle. Thus, the wellbeing of a vehicle transmission is as important as it is for the engine. Do they have any special maintenance requirement? Let us check out with what the experts of the Coeur D’Alene Chevrolet service center have to say.

According to these experienced mechanics, here are few useful information about the vehicle transmissions that will further help you maintain the car well.

Changing the Transmission Fluid

The first thing that comes to our mind, whenever we talk about car transmission is changing the transmission fluid. As per this team of experts, the transmission fluid needs to be changed whenever a vehicle exceeds the threshold of 100,000 miles.

That is a clear-cut advice that you will hear from every mechanic expert for every car owner.

Flushing the Transmission Fluid

The role that a transmission fluid plays in a car is its entire operation. Transmission fluid is the component that helps keeping all the mechanical parts of the car both cool and lubricated, irrespective of it being manual or automatic. Over the time of car usage, the interior parts of the transmission wear off and the tiny particles might start contaminating the fluid which could lead to potential damage of the car’s powertrain.

In such condition, it is better to flush off the existing transmission fluid and reload it afresh.

Fluid for Manual Transmission

If you are wondering, if the manual transmissions will need a transmission fluid, then the answer will always be in affirmative. Though the type of fluid required for the manual transmission may be different from one vehicle to the other, it will need the recommended type of fluid to run smoothly. To add to the point, lack of transmission fluid from the recommended level can rapidly affect the overall performance of the car as well as the life span of the transmission.

Maintenance of CVT

Cars that use a CVT need to be careful with its maintenance tasks as well. The CVTs in contrast to a traditional or automatic transmission is consisted of a set number of gears that depend on a belt or pulley system to run an indefinite number of gear ratios. The CVTs need a specific kind of fluid to run, which will be drastically different from the regular transmission.

When to Change the Transmission Fluid

As learned from the team of experts at the Coeur D’Alene Chevy service, checking out the transmission fluid is a tedious job that many car owners tend to avoid. While in some cars it is found in the transmission dipstick, other cars might need the reservoir of the engine bay to be checked for the same.

The experts suggest that even if the fluid levels apparently look fine, one should make sure about how much pollutants or debris have been accumulated in the fluid. So, it needs a professional approach to check them, once in every six months, if a car is on daily use.

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