Drive Any Way You Want With Nexen Tires

You should consider a Nexen tire if you want one that can be used on and off the road in any season. Dubai tire shop also provides a large selection of good tires available at a low price.

The simple line is that nexen tires are exceptional. They work significantly better than their price suggests and last an incredibly long period. Whether you pick all-season or winter tires, drivers appreciate their ability to handle snow.

Nexen Tires: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Nexen is a Korean tire manufacturer that was formed in 1942. Their tires are neither the cheapest nor costly on the market, and the firm is well-known even though its not a luxury brand.

The company’s rising popularity and value only motivated manufacturers to make better tires at more reasonable pricing, eventually leading to today’s Nexen goods. They’re commonly recognized as cheap tire types, although they appear to perform much better than expensive ones.

Why Nexen?

  • Emphasis on Technology

Nexen remains ahead of the competition by continually seeking to develop and use the most cutting-edge technology in its goal of creating feature-rich tires. To utilize the best brains from diverse nations on each continent, the business has established numerous Research and Development (R&D) sites in Europe, America, and China.

  • Testing

The Nexen Tire Vehicle Dynamic Testing Grounds, as the company puts it, is a staging ground where its latest tire designs are put to the test. Nexen assures that its tires fulfill the high-quality standards set by its engineers through thorough testing.

  • Automated Manufacturing

Nexen has developed innovative manufacturing facilities in which autonomous robots execute the majority of the production operations. Their reliance on automation guarantees that tires are produced consistently, devoid of human mistakes. Buy tires uae at Dubai tire shop in reasonable prices now!


  • Handling

Nexen tires are directed at improving a vehicle’s handling capability. The tires have aesthetically beautiful ribbed asymmetric treads that significantly improve traction.

The company’s tires are intended to provide sustained top performance even when exposed to rain and snow. On wet roads, the edges linked throughout the tread pattern generate a gripping force that guarantees the required traction while turning and braking.

  • Durability

Nexen tires are made with silica tread compounds meticulously developed and molded with rubber to generate exceptionally durable. These tires will survive for thousands of kilometers thanks to their sturdy construction. The company’s tires do not prey to wear and tear soon, necessitating prompt replacements. This guarantees that each tire offers the best value for money.

  • Comfort

The polyester casing that surrounds Nexen tires is designed to reduce noise and vibrations that might otherwise disrupt a calm driving experience. When running over trash and holes, the company’s tires make far less noise. The tire’s interior comprises two steel belts, ensuring optimal balance even at high speeds.

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