My Car’s Leaking Oil after Driving Only A Few Miles in Melbourne

When the car gets older you may find that it is burning more oil between changes. However, checking your oil regularly like every car driver should be doing will alert you when the engine oil is low. With that said, let’s get to the oil leak.

There are a few different places that the oil may be leaking from. Once you determine where the oil is leaking, you’ll have a better idea of what’s going wrong. Before you start to look for where the leak is coming from, clean the engine as a clean engine will make it much easier to locate the leak.

Once the oil is cleaned, start at the top of the engine to inspect for the leak.

  • Check the valve cover gasket
    • Check the PCV valve

As you start moving towards the back of the engine stop about halfway down and check the head gasket which could be the culprit. The gasket will be located between the engine block and cylinder head or heads. If you have trouble locating it, pull out your owner’s manual for the car to determine its location.

Next, check the gasket of the oil pan. The oil pan is located at the engine’s bottom.

If none of the above seems to be an issue, then it will be necessary to take your car into your local mechanic to have it checked out. Oil leaks can leave an engine dry, causing a great deal of damage.

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