The Benefit Of Spending A Little More On Genuine OEM Car Parts

One of the biggest dilemmas affecting most car owners when it comes to replacing broken parts is whether to buy genuine OEM parts or picking anything that works from the open spare parts market. Obviously, aftermarket car spare parts cost much less compared to genuine OEM spare parts. It’s impossible; however, for one to find worthy, quality spare parts in the after parts market. Consequently, it raises this question: what is the benefit of spending a little more on genuine OEM parts compared to finding whatever works? We teamed up with to find out more!

What Are OEM Parts

Before we tell you why you should only spend your money on OEM spare parts for your car, lets first demystify what OEM parts are. In simpler terms, OEM parts are the spare parts that your car manufacturer recommends as a replacement when needed. For example, if your car is a Honda CVR, OEM spare parts are the spares recommended for the model by Honda Motors. Because of this, these spares parts tend to be a bit more expensive to buy hence avoided by many people.

The aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are the ones that are not recommended by the manufacturers. Ideally, these are spare parts that fit, but are not recommended for your car by anyone- i.e. the manufacturers. These spare parts stand for the fake spare parts and tend to cost much less than the original/genuine parts.

OEM VS Aftermarket car parts

The argument for OEM VS Aftermarket car parts automatically lies in favor of the former. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for genuine OEM parts than their counterparts.

Replace like with like– If you break a leg, would you replace it with a human leg or a monkey’s leg? To us, this is an extremely easy decision to make. You replace it with the human leg, not otherwise. If your car part breaks down, replace it with a genuine part because you can only enjoy the benefits, reliability and functions the original part guaranteed.

Performance- Genuine spare parts are manufactured in serious, strict environments. Quality management is assured meaning you will not worry about them performing strangely. By buying only original parts for your car, you are incidentally buying original reliability your car provided. This is something you can’t benefit from with spare parts that are not genuine or recommended.

Guarantee- Because a genuine part is designed for something specific, you can continue to enjoy warranties on it compared to using aftermarket parts. On the other hand, if damages are attributed to deliberate use of the wrong parts, you might find it tough getting your guarantees honored.

In general, making a decision to buy OEM spare parts for your car is rather straightforward. It is the right thing to do. Although you have to pay slightly more for genuine OEM parts, these come with better reliability, safety, and guarantee and quality assurance. If you want to ensure the dependability of your car, ALWAYS make the decision of buying original/genuine parts.

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