Top 4 Causes of Car Scratches

Nearly every vehicle that is in use has scratches. Most of these scrapes are a mystery such that it is tough to identify how they happened. As the car owner, you need to know that scratches on the paintwork can be the origin of many problems in your car. The good thing is that the scratches can be easily repaired, even though some can be expensive. At, you can get the issues sorted whenever you notice them. However, it is crucial to know the origin of scratches on the car to avoid such damage from re-occurring. Here are the common causes of scratches you should watch out for.

Wrong Washing and Drying

This is one major cause of scrapes on the exterior of the car. You need to know is that the paint is more delicate than it looks. Therefore, using the wrong method and tools to wash and dry your car is only one reason why you have scratches on the surface. Mostly, the dirt gets trapped on the sponge and once you pass the sponge on the surface, the small particles cause damage to the paint. If you use an old rag or old t-shirt to clean your car, you need to stop. Instead, it is recommended to use microfiber towels specifically designed for that job.

Road Debris

The roads are not always clean, especially if you are driving on rough roads. Your car is exposed to stone chips, debris like sticks, and glass. Such objects can be thrown in the air by another car on the same road then hit your car. If you are also driving over debris like sticks, they may also damage the surface. So, be cautious about where and how you are driving.

Car Accidents

This is a common cause. Once you are involved in a car accident, there is a 100% chance your car will get scratched. This happens when the surface comes into contact with a hard object, say another car or a tree. The scratches can come with a dent, depending on the intensity of the impact. Such scratches should be fixed by an expert so that they can assess the car for other damages.

Automatic Car Wash

Another easy way your car gets scrapes and marks is if you use automatic car washes. In most cases, the brushes in the car washes accumulate a lot of dirt over time. Once this dirt lands on the surface of the car, it causes swirl marks and scratches. The bristles may also damage the wipers and antennas. So, if you normally take your car to an automatic car wash and realize it has scratches, this could be the origin.

Other causes of car scratches include intentional damages where a person ‘keys’ the surface with a sharp object, weather, rubbing against the surface, and others.


These are the common causes of scratches on cars and paintwork. It is crucial to know about them to find ways of avoiding them. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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