Why Is LocoNav’s Fleet Management System Worth The Investment

Technology has advanced at a very high rate in the past 10 years. It has helped us to upgrade ourselves into a connected species. Every gadget that we use nowadays can be connected to the internet. The next step is to upgrade our businesses by connecting them to the net. Fleet management is a business that can get very messy if not done properly. There is a lot of investment that goes into the management of fleets. The tiniest of mistakes can cost these businesses a lot of money. And mistakes do happen all the time in fleet management.

With the introduction of intelligent Fleet Management System, many fleet owners have started using a Fleet Management Software in India. Effective Fleet Management Solutions have helped these fleet businesses to overcome the most difficult challenges in their operations. But there are still many fleet owners who are skeptical of the technology and think that it is a bad investment. According to them a Fleet Management System is just a fad and they do not help any more than the conventional methods of fleet management. So the question still stands: Do You Really Need a Fleet Management System?

Of course using a Fleet Management System is worth the investment. Why?

  1. Because you can carry out optimized routing

There are a huge number of fleet management companies that are trying continuously to outdo their competitors. And the competition is pretty stiff. The smallest mistakes can help your competitors to have an edge over you. A Fleet Management System can help you to actively track the location of your vehicles using a Fleet Management Software. A Fleet Management Software in India offers many more features than just live tracking.

It can help you to analyze your vehicle’s routes to check if they may have traffic congestion. A Fleet Management System can also offer shorter routes to the vehicle’s destination. This helps the vehicle to reach its destination on time. So more operations can be assigned to the vehicle and thus increasing the productivity.

  1. Because you can communicate better

A Fleet Management Software in India can help improve communication between you and your employees. Fleet Management Solutions such as onboard messaging and location sharing can help you instruct your employees in a more effective way. With the help of a Fleet Management System you can now share the location of operation with the help of the onboard software. You can even share the route you would want your employee to take.

The software can also help you to message important details about the operation using the messaging feature. This can help you to save a lot of time and a lot of money that you would have been spending on telephone bills. A Fleet Management Software in India also gives you information on how your employees drive. It can provide you with stats on their driving style such as acceleration, cornering, idling and braking. This can help you to train your employees to drive more efficiently.

  1. Because you can have a bird’s eye view

Fleet Management Solutions like live tracking, satellite imagery, load sensing and geo-fencing can help you to protect your vehicle from any misuse. The Fleet Management System can be used to limit the service area of your vehicles. If a vehicle escapes the service area, your system sends you an alert. This feature is very useful if your vehicle has been stolen. In that case you can track your vehicle live and share the live location with the police services around that area so that they can track down the vehicle quickly.

Fleet Management Solutions like satellite imagery can help you to see the terrain and topology of the area where the vehicle is being used. Load sensing can help you to see the weight of the load that your vehicle is carrying. The software will alert you if your vehicle is being used in an unsuitable terrain, if it’s being overloaded or overused and if your vehicle is being misused in any other way.

  1. Because you can stay accurate

A Fleet Management Software in India can provide you with a plethora of information but most of these softwares let you customize the information you would see according to your preferences.

The Fleet Management System collects data on the operational routes, the routes that are frequently travelled and other such data. It then analyzes them and looks for patterns in their occurrences. The software then provides you with Fleet Management Solutions such as infographics representing seasonal demands, profitable locations and market analysis.

  1. Because you can run a transparent business

The system also helps to improve your company’s accountability. It offers you accurate bills for every operation which is also stored in a cloud memory so that it can be accessed easily. This feature helps you to maintain good ties with your clients.

You can also use the Fleet Management System to provide immediate assistance to you clients whenever they are needed. The location tracking helps your service to reach the clients as quickly as possible. Effective customer service enables you to expand your business by expanding your clientele.

  1. Because you can schedule maintenance

You can also use a Fleet Management System in India to maintain the lifespan of your assets. A Fleet Management System uses many sensors to check the performance of your vehicles. It provides you with detailed reports on the vehicle’s engine and other parts.

The system alerts you if a part needs to be replaced and it also helps you to keep track of the maintenance cycles. The software provides accurate estimates on the maintenance costs. So you can also prevent any maintenance fraud and keep your fleet running smoothly.

  1. Because you can be proactive

The most important of all the Fleet Management Solutions are the security and emergency features. A Fleet Management System can detect if any damage is done to the vehicle during its operation.

Your employees can use the system to call for vehicle repair in case their vehicle has broken down during operation. In emergency situations like an accident, the system alerts nearby emergency services and shares the accident’s location with them and to you.

Fleet Telematics System are very user friendly and do not need a large workforce to use it. It can be used by a small workforce and can be used from anywhere in the world. If you own a fleet business, investing in LocoNav’s fleet management system can yield great returns. Using LocoNav’s fleet monitoring and vehicle tracking solutions is a great option to expand your business. The investment is not much but rather can be used to cut more than half of the expenses that are incurred by conventional management techniques.

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