Coilovers Vs. Lift Kits

When you first enter the world of off-road suspensions, there is often one question you will be struck with right away, “What is the difference between coilovers and lift kits?” For those who are not fully versed in the world of off-roading, this can be a real doozy of a question to understand. However, when it is laid out for you, the difference is clear and easy to understand. Here is a helpful guide to the difference between the two categories of off-road suspension systems to help you better understand all of your off-roading options.

Non-Coilover Lifting Kits

Non-coilover, or standard lifting kits are made up of multiple components that work together to lift the overall height of your truck, jeep or car. These are fantastic options for people whose goal is simply to get some added height out of their vehicle in order to improve ground clearance or to fit some larger tires. One of the most commonly used methods of getting height on your vehicle is by using strut spacers that sit on the factory struts to give some lift. When combined with other components, these strut spacers are a rather simple and straightforward method for adding some lift.

Coilover Lifts

When stripped down to its most basic terms, a coilover is basically a shock with a spring surrounding it. However, what sets a coilover lift apart from something like a strut spacer is the idea that a coilover lift kit is adjustable and gives you a lot more range and room for creativity when it comes to your ride. With a coilover, you can control and adjust your truck’s height, preload, spring rate, and dampening just to name a few things. However, one misconception about coilover lifts is that they will always give you the most smooth ride. This is not always the case and depends on the type of ride you have as well as the type of lift kit you are installing.

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