Honda is Still the Ruler

Citizens of London have been looking for alternative means of transport ever since the Corona virus reared its ugly and devastating head in November 2019. Most of them used to commute on public transport, but the scene has changed quite a lot, especially after the second wave of a mutated version of the virus struck the United Kingdom. Although it is not possible for everyone to purchase a car, buying a motorcycle is quite cheap, especially if one makes a token one-time payment and pays the balance in 24 or 36 monthly instalments. Although London City has many Honda motorcycle dealers, none of them comes close to Motoden regarding the sheer number of models they stock. Although the company sells motorcycles manufactured by other companies as well, none of them provides the wide range of facilities that Honda do. Today we shall provide partial details of a number of leading Honda motorcycles. It is beyond the scope of this article to provide details of all the brands of motorcycles that Honda manufacture.

Which is the best Honda motorcycle for beginners

If you are new to motorcycles, we suggest that you opt for the Honda CMX500 Rebel. It costs £5,799.00. Current Motoden is offering you the option to pay the price in easy 6.9% APR over 36 months. This motorcycle links modern technology with authentic traditional looks. You need an A2 license to drive this motorcycle. It boasts of an electric starter and has a petrol capacity of 11.2 litres, which means that you can travel 291 miles on a full tank, as the motorcycle offers a mileage of 26 kilometres per litre. The weight of this motorcycle is 190 kilogram and it has a seat height of 680 mm. This beauty contains an 8.3 watt tail light, digital instrument panel, and 5.5 watt headlights.

Those interested in spending more should check the Honda Africa Twin ABS. Simply make a down payment of £2,995.76 and pay the balance in 36 monthly instalments of £309.00. It boasts of a TFT touch screen display, dual LED headlights with DRL, more powerful 1100 CC engine, and much more. It has an electric starter and the capacity of its fuel tank is 18.8 litre. It offers a travelling capacity of 20.4 kilometre per litre of fuel. This is one of the leading brands from the stables of Honda.

Purchase only from Motoden

We strongly suggest that you purchase your Honda motorcycle only from us, as we are the number one amongst Honda motorbike dealers. We at Motoden offer prices that will pleasantly surprise you. The fact that we carry the entire range of this brand of motorcycles is the icing on the cake. Visit our website to locate the store nearest to you, note down our phone numbers, and contact us today.

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