Looking to Buy the Car of your Dreams? Finance Options

We all have our own idea of the dream car that we would one day like to own, and while some motorists never manage to make their dream become a reality, there are those who will stop at nothing to become the proud owner of fantastic sports car, and with that in mind, here are a few of the better finance packages that are available for the purchase of a prestige car.

  • Standard Hire Purchase – Those who are looking to acquire reliable sports cars in Plymouth would likely opt for the standard HP car finance. The loan amount is set and divided into equal monthly repayments, and the vehicle will be signed over to the borrower when they make the final loan repayment.
  • Personal Contract Purchase – PCP is an option that allows the borrower to defer some of the payment until the end of the contract. This is ideal for the self-employed person, as it gives you some flexibility, which is often necessary when you have an uncertain income. The deferred amount becomes payable at the end of the contract, and then the vehicle becomes your property.
  • No-Fees Loan – Not all car dealers offer this, although it does give you a very low interest car loan, and is best suited for homeowners with a good credit history.

If you deal with a car dealership that specialises in sports or prestige cars, they are more likely to have the above loan packages, and one of these would most likely suit your needs.


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