Tips When Purchasing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale in the UK

Through the help of advanced technology, various facilities, and manufacturers can now modify vehicles to be more accessible for passengers with wheelchairs. Imagine how tough it could be when traveling with family or friends who have weak legs and feet. Right, it’s not easy for a person to accept that they have physical disabilities.

However, we can’t confine them at home because they also need to visit their doctors and go around. Some of them need assistance, but others can manage to do things by themselves, even driving as long as they’re in a wheelchair. That’s why we must encourage them and support their needs, especially when they’re determined to live a normal lifestyle.

It will surely be appreciated when you can provide them with WAVs even a used one since this also offers comfort and convenience. You can always find wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale from reputable dealers in the United Kingdom. They’ll be more helpful when financing is also offered, thus, make sure to choose a reliable seller of WAV for your loved ones.

What are WAVs?

These vehicles are specially made for the comfort of persons with disabilities. In this way, they can travel without having to worry about moving with their wheelchairs.

Some models are customized vans, SUVs, and trucks with different features. This includes automatic ramps, lifts, accessible dashboards, and adjustable seats. An SUV is an ideal choice for individuals with limited movement, while trucks would be great if you want a bigger space.

WAVs can be modified with: 

  • Ramps and lifts for getting the wheelchair user to safely move inside the car.
  • Lower flooring so that entering and moving out would be faster and more convenient.
  • Installation of secure tie-downs for guaranteed safe of the passengers while traveling.
  • Hand controls can be modified for easy driving.
  • Door openings can be wider so that passengers in wheelchairs have better access.
  • Transfer and swivel seats are also installed for ease of getting in and out.
  • Interiors could be more spacious because this allows wheelchairs to maneuver.
  • Back compartments are wider as well since you have a wheelchair and other pieces of stuff to keep.

Buying Tips

Again, through advanced skills and technology, normal vehicles can be customized for the needs of persons with disabilities. Something unfortunate might have happened to our loved ones, but that’s not the end for them. They’re still a part of our family’s journey, that’s why we’re purchasing a WAV.

For some families, obtaining funds for this would be easy so they can buy brand new vehicles ranging from $20,000 – $80,000 or more. While others can buy through financial assistance when such an offer is available. Luckily, we can also purchase second-hand WAVs, so let’s just learn a few things before getting one.


How much did you prepare for this vehicle? It’s very important to set a budget so that you’ll know which brand or model you’ll choose. Don’t forget that you have a variety of options when you go to the garage.

You should know that customizing the features and converting a van, truck, or SUV is quite costly. It takes a lot of effort and skills to do this. Thus, we should understand why it’s expensive to get one.

But we shouldn’t always think about the expenses. Pretty sure that we have resources for this. What matters most here is the comfort that a family member would experience.

Understand the Features

Since we’re looking for used WAVs, then we must check the details. Are these features helpful for the passenger in a wheelchair? This means that we can’t be sure of what to pick without understanding what’s needed.

For example, when it comes to the entry, would it be on the side or rear? If it’s on the side, then check out the ramp and where your passenger will be positioned. This could be in the front or mid-cabin, thus, there’ll be single or double jump seats installed.

If it’s a rear door entry, there’ll be a wider opening. This is ideal for tall, larger, or wider wheelchairs. Here, ramps could be manually or automatically operated.

Accredited Dealers

Don’t buy without knowing the reputation and credibility of the sellers. Since you are purchasing a WAV in the United Kingdom, then the dealer must be certified by the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters Association or WAVCA. Don’t forget that this is a piece of essential information so click to learn more about this association.

Keep in mind that when the dealers are accredited, it means that they follow safety standards when it comes to modifications of automobiles. It is for you and your family’s assurance e, that’s why accreditors exist. Therefore, don’t take the risk of buying a unit once learn that this particular seller has no accreditation passed.


It’s always a rule to perform an inspection before settling payments. No matter how urgent your need is, you still need to be meticulous since this car is expensive. indeed, you’re not only going to check every part.

You have to make sure that the features are functioning. Most of all, you have to drive it as well and observe how smooth it is.

To verify its condition, you should be thorough on a few things. It includes the title, owner, mileage, type, plate number, repair reports, tires, scratches, dents, fluids, etc. If possible, bring an auto mechanic to help you with the inspection.

Other Details

Let’s assume that you found a car that’s tailored to your needs. Before signing an agreement and paying for the unit, you have to consider a few details first. For example, will they deliver this to your address or do you must pick it up from the garage?

Are there any valid warranties for this unit? You should also check if the parts, such as lifts, ramps, switches, seats, or controls can be replaced when necessary. If you need maintenance services, then they should be able to suggest a place for mobility equipment.

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