Preparing Your Vehicle for the Scrap Yard

Getting rid of an old car or an unwanted vehicle can be both time consuming and troublesome. The easiest way to get rid of your vehicle is to call an expert disposal company and see what services they have on offer. Most reputable organisations will offer to demolish your car and even collect it from your property for a competitive price. Some will pay for your car if they can salvage valuable parts from the vehicle. Rated car breakers in Brighton don’t just dismantle your old vehicle, they also stock thousands of used parts if you are looking for important components.

Some of the items they have on offer include:

  • Exhausts
  • Brakes
  • Suspensions
  • Bumpers
  • Lights

While demolishing an unused car, you can also look for quality spare parts for another vehicle. Some auto companies can also deliver components to your door if you live in the community.

Here are some things to do before your car is collected from your home.

Take Away Personal Items

We tend to leave all sorts of personal items in our car, over the years you’d be surprised at what accumulates in your vehicle. Before your car is taken away to be used as scrap, make sure you remove all your personal belongings.

Sell Valuable Components

If your car is relatively new and it has been written off due to an accident, you may be able to salvage some parts to sell. If you’ve an expensive radio or alloys on the car you may be able to remove them and sell them for cash.


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