A Guide to Prestige Car Maintenance

If you drive a BMW or Mercedes Benz, you will already know about the very high cost of servicing, yet there are alternatives to the big dealerships when looking to have a prestige car serviced, and with affordable e experienced Mercedes servicing in Newcastle from an established local garage, maintaining your vehicle won’t break the bank.

Manufacturer Approved

It is essential that the garage in question has been approved by the car manufacturer to carry out servicing and repairs, which would include the following:

  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Routine Servicing

This type of garage would only employ technicians who have been trained exclusively to work on Mercedes vehicles, and all work carried out would be recorded in the vehicle’s online database.

Cheaper Than Traditional Car Dealerships

If you can manage to find a specialist bar garage that works on your make of car, they will likely be considerably cheaper than the main dealership, partly because they do not have the huge overheads of the dealership. The lower price does not mean the work is substandard, and with guaranteed genuine parts, it is only the labour costs that are reduced.

First Class Service

The specialist garage would offer a first rate service to its customers, and whether the car is in for a routine service or repairs, the garage would carry out the work within an agreed timeline. Some garages with offer a free loan car service, while your vehicle is being worked on, and this allows you to carry on with your busy daily schedule until your car is returned.

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