Specialised Heavy Transportation Services

Whenever a large and heavy object needs to be transported to another location, there is a need for a specialist haulage contractor who has both the know-how and the equipment to safely transport large loads. This type of company would be fully insured, while having a wealth of hands-on experience in moving large and heavy items from one place to another.

Range of Services

Here are just a few of the items a specialist haulage company would transport:

  • Modular Homes
  • Boats
  • Site Offices
  • Site or Event Restrooms
  • Commercial Generators

It isn’t difficult to source affordable road haulage services in Wiltshire, and an online search is the best place to start.

Asking for a Quote

Ideally, the haulage contractor would want to inspect the site and take a look at what needs to be relocated, before he can quote for the project. Both weight and size are contributing factors, and in some cases, a police escort is required, especially with extra wide loads.

Having the Right Equipment

An established haulage contractor would have access to a range of cranes and low loader trucks, enabling them to select the right equipment for the job at hand. Only an established company would have the necessary resources to safely move unusually large or heavy loads, and they would be happy to offer advice if you are unsure how to go about the relocation process.

When having to relocate heavy equipment, you have no choice but to approach a specialist haulage contractor, as these people have access to very specific equipment, and without the right set up, moving a heavy item might not be possible.





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