Things To Know About The Cargo Lock

A cargo lock is a device used in transportation to prevent theft or damage to goods during transit. It works by sealing off the interior of a container from its exterior and vice versa. This helps prevent theft and damage by improving visibility for security personnel as well as providing a barrier between cargo and the elements. There are two types of cargo locks: one that can be opened with a key for inspection and one that requires additional equipment such as drills or blowtorches to open it up again after inspection.

The cargo lock is an additional safety feature that prevents accidental unlocking of the tailgate when it is closed. It may be activated by pressing on any part of the tailgate. The cargo lock can be activated without inserting the key into the ignition switch. Simply press on any part of the tailgate and it will automatically lock. If you need to open your trunk while driving, you can do so without opening your car door, simply by pressing on any part of your tailgate. This will unlock your trunk and allow you to retrieve your items. When the cargo lock is activated, a LED light will be displayed on your instrument cluster display under “Cargo Lock” or “Trunk” depending on which mode was last used before switching off the vehicle

They’re easy to install. If you have a truck with factory-installed tie-downs, all you’ll need to do is remove the existing tie-downs and replace them with the new cargo locks. If not, simply drill holes into the floor and bolt up your new cargo locks using the provided hardware.

They’re affordable and simple to use. Cargo locks typically range from $30-$50 for a pair of locks and $100-$150 for a set of four locks. You’ll need one pair or set per vehicle depending on how many locations you want to secure in your vehicle or trailer. The installation process is easy and can be completed by anyone who has basic automotive repair skills or has access to someone who does (your local mechanic). All you need is a drill, a cordless screwdriver and some common hand tools like pliers and wrenches if needed (all included with most models).

The cargo lock is a safety feature that prevents children from being able to open the back door of your vehicle while it’s moving. This can help prevent them from accidentally falling out of the car while it’s in motion.

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