What Does a Car Detailing Include

We all love to drive a clean vehicle, and while some people are more particular than others, having the car detailed on a regular basis will ensure that your vehicle is always looking good. If you have yet to experience a car detailing, you might be wondering what exactly is involved, and with affordable car valeting services in Portsmouth, here is the menu for a full car detail.

  • Hand Wash the Exterior with a Wax Shampoo – Then the bodywork is dried and buffed to a fine shine.
  • Clean the Door Shuts – These get very dirty and are not normally included in a general clean. This is done using a special degreaser, which removes all traces of oil dirt and grime.
  • Wheels and Tyres Cleaned and Dressed –Leaving wheels and tyres looking like new.
  • Vacuum the Interior and Remove All Waste – This includes a deep clean for the carpets.
  • Dashboard and Door Cards Dressed – Fine detailing by hand and polished.
  • Interior Windows Cleaned and Polished – Using a non-static glass cleaner.
  • Fragrance the Interior – This leaves the inside of your car smelling sweet and fresh.

Most companies would offer a range of packages, from a basic valet to a complete detailing, and if you would like to treat your car, a Google search is the best way to locate a nearby car valeting firm. If you have the car detailed once a month, it will always look clean and passengers will be impressed whenever they ride in your car.

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