Some Information About MOTs

It’s been three years since you bought that brand new car. That means it’s time for you to start taking it in every year to have its annual MOT test. As we all know, the MOT test here in the UK is required to ensure that vehicles are in compliance with all of the Government’s safety and emissions standards. When your car passes the test you just drive away with your MOT certificate that’s good for one year.  If you don’t pass the test, then you must do repairs because you can’t drive a vehicle that has failed a MOT test if your prior certificate is no longer valid. You don’t need the headache of failing a MOT test do you? That’s why it simply makes sense to trust your car to a professional auto service centre that provides local MOTs in St. Albans. It’s easy enough to find the best one with an Internet search, and when you are searching, consider the following..

  • The MOT process is simple at an experienced licensed service centre. A highly trained technician tests, examines and inspects set areas of your vehicle. You then get either your passing certificate or a failing certificate. There is no need to panic if you fail, the professional service centre will work with you to get your car back on the road quickly. And if there are minor problems noted on either certificate you can get that fixed too. That’s a benefit of the MOT system, it reminds us to keep our vehicles in tip top shape.
  • One key point to remember in the MOT process is not to let your certificate expire. You can schedule one 28 days in advance and even do it online! That allows you to get any problems corrected before your certificate expires.

The MOT test is something that we are all required to do. Painful as it is, at least it serves as a yearly reminder to get our vehicles inspected and maintained every year. Do a search for a company doing MOTs, and schedule yours today.

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