Tips for Cheap Motoring

We are all too aware of the rising cost of car ownership; aside from the initial investment when you bought the car, tax, insurance and servicing are all part of owning a vehicle, and the cost of fuel is always at a premium. Here are a few tips for economical motoring,

  • Buy an Eco-Friendly Car – A hybrid, or a vehicle that runs on electric would result in much lower running costs, and if you do insist on an internal combustion engine, look for a small engine, no larger than 1.6l, which would be relatively economical to run.
  • Tyres – It isn’t recommended to fit partly worn tyres, as there is always the risk of internal damage to the walls, which could result in a rupture, plus there are affordable car tyres in Bristol from an established garage who sells new tyres at trade prices.
  • Spare Parts – This is one area where you can reduce your spending, and by visiting local scrapyards, you can pick up second hand components that have been overhauled and even have a short warranty. We all know how expensive components can be, which is why it makes sense to go for a used part from a trusted supplier.
  • Auto Tuning – If your car is tuned properly, it will perform at optimum levels and your fuel consumption will be reduced. There are specialist car mapping providers who will tune your car at your home or office, meaning you don’t have to waste half a day taking your car to a garage.

If you are careful and are prepared to shop around, you can save money on maintenance and part replacement to keep your motoring costs down.




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